Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Global IP Solutions?

Global IP Solutions develops industry leading embedded media processing solutions for real-time IP communications for companies such as Yahoo!, IBM Lotus, AOL, Oracle, Nortel, Samsung, LG Nortel, Baidu and many more. Our voice and video engines are the most widely deployed in the world.

Why should I choose Global IP Solutions?

With over 800 millions downloads of our engine technology, GIPS products have proven to be the most reliable, trustworthy, high-quality voice and video processing technology in the market. We are continually researching and developing so we remain the best company for you to rely upon - both for our technology and our engineering expertise. GIPS can proudly say that our engineering team consists of world leading experts in the field of media processing, just take a look at some of our customers who rely on GIPS for quality.

Is GIPS publicly listed on a stock exchange?

Yes, the company successfully listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in mid-July 2008. For more information about the stock click here.

Where is GIPS head office?

Global IP Solutions corporate head office is located in San Francisco, with R&D offices in Stockholm and locations in Hong Kong, Boston and Seoul.

How do I contact a GIPS representative in my part of the world?

You can either call us at the following telephone numbers or click here to ensure a GIPS representative will follow up shortly.

USA – West Coast
San Francisco
+1 415 397-2555
USA – East Coast
+1 603 425-1274
+46 8 410 39 800
Asia Pacific
Hong Kong
+82 2 3450-1516

Who are GIPS’ customers?

GIPS has over 150 customers across the globe who comprise of:

  • Application developers
  • Service providers
  • IP phone developers (hard and soft)
  • Gateway manufacturers
  • Chip and board manufacturers

Where can I find more information about GIPS?

You can search our website for more information for news, press releases and investor information. For the media you can email or call (415) 746-1155 for more information.

Where can I find out about jobs at GIPS?

Please check our webpage here. You can also send your resume details using our form available here.

Does GIPS only work with proprietary standards?

No. While GIPS has 13 international patents and many more pending, the company works with both open and proprietary standards to ensure we meet the needs of our customers.

What is wideband?

Sometimes referred to as HD-Voice, wideband means sampling the voice at a frequency of 16 kHz vs. the regular 8 kHz. Increasing the sampling frequency for wideband speech produces much more natural, comfortable and intelligible speech. GIPS holds the de facto industry standard codec for wideband speech - iSAC.

What is the user benefit of wideband telephony?

Today’s telephony voice quality is limited. With wideband the sampling rate is increased and hence more details of the sound can be transmitted. Wideband telephony provides much more natural, comfortable and intelligible speech compared to traditional telephony. Audio conferencing is one application that benefits significantly from this technology. The result is the ability to hear sound characteristics of a person’s voice. Wideband technology makes it easier in conference calls to detect who is talking, making the conferencing much more comfortable.

How does GIPS software achieve its extremely good performance?

GIPS products have all been specifically designed for packet switched (IP) networks. No inter-packet dependency, multi-descriptive coding, and variable rate coding are examples of methods used to obtain this extreme performance.

What number of consecutive packet loss can GIPS software recover from?

There are many different factors that affect the recovery process. However, GIPS products are more robust to packet loss, including consecutive packet loss than any other product or solution set in the market.

Are GIPS products hardware or software?

GIPS products are easily integrated software solutions.

For what platforms are GIPS products optimized?

GIPS products are available on most any platform.

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