“Nortel Networks delivers best-in-class Quality of Service (QOS) enabled VoIP networks. By engaging with Global IP Sound we will further enhance our ability to provide superior end-to-end voice quality, even when less predictable conditions of greater than desirable loss or delay may exist at the edges of a network. Our focus is to provide our customers with high-quality, highly-reliable, cost-effective multimedia solutions that are deployable today.”

Sue Spradley
Former President, Voice over IP
Nortel Networks, Inc.

“Sound quality is critical for user satisfaction in calls made using the Internet, and Global IP Sound’s software suite allows us to offer superior sound quality - better than regular phones. We looked far and wide for the best voice engine to support our application, and Global IP Sound delivers.”

Niklas Zennström
CEO and co-founder

“In reality and to their favor, Skype is the first mainstream VoIP in the post "Internet Telephony" era to deliver an application which leverages the genius of Global IP Sound, a company whose existence is not a secret to anyone who has attended a VON Conference and whose technology helps solve the issue of providing high quality voice over the internet under circumstances when most applications just don't work."

Jeff Pulver

“Leading companies in the VoIP space like Nortel, Pingtel, Pocket Presence and Skype are using GIPS SoundWare to deliver the best possible experience. Global IP Sound’s solutions make real time communications possible over managed enterprise networks, WiFi networks utilizing the public Internet and even through innovative peer-to-peer architectures like Skype.”

Jon Arnold
Arnold & Associates

“Now, through our arrangement with Global IP Sound, manufacturers can just as easily add the industry’s highest quality voice capabilities to their products, setting a new QoS standard and delivering a revolutionary sound experience to the VoIP market.”

George Alexy
president and CEO

“Global IP Sound allows us to deliver a SIP softphone with best of breed voice quality that enables users to connect and communicate confidently in real time, even in adverse network conditions.”

Jeff Ford
Chief Technology Officer

“The integration of GIPS voice processing modules in the current generation of Marratech Work Environment contributed greatly to positive feedback from users on the overall collaboration experience delivered by our tool,”

“We have been very happy with Global IP Sound, and we see a clear opportunity to further add to the reliability and quality of the system’s voice component by integrating the latest enhancements from the GIPS SoundWare suite.”

Magnus Hedburg
Chief Strategy Officer and Partner Manager
Marratech AB

“The market is asking VoIP device manufacturers to deliver the robustness and voice quality that meets or exceeds the performance of traditional phone systems. As the adoption of VoIP continues to increase, affordability and usability will be critical in the success of any device manufacturer, and Global IP Sound enables us to meet these market expectations.”

David Li
Chairman and CEO
Grandstream Networks, Inc.

“GIPS AES enables the hands-free usage of VoIP clients in Intel-based PDA devices. Our experience and customer demonstrations have shown that Global IP Sound’s team of engineers and products are well suited to help all VoIP providers enable the best VoIP quality in the market.”

Peter Siljerud
Intel Wireless Competence Center

“With the integration of GIPS SoundWare into the VeriCall platform, we can deliver a broader and even more powerful, ready-to-integrate VoIP suite for enterprise and carrier equipment.”

Salim Bhatia
Trinity Convergence, Inc.

“Adoption of productivity tools like the Marratech Work Environment has been historically slow because of poor sound quality. But by combining Global IP Sound’s wideband voice quality with its skills in collaborative environments using video, IM and interactive whiteboard functionalities, Marratech’s e-meeting tool promises to be one that will change the way we communicate and work."

Jeff Pulver

“GIPS VoiceEngine showcases the company's innovation and commitment to delivering technologies that drive the future of Internet telephony. Demonstrations at the company's booth attracted serious prospects looking for solutions to help build superior products, today. Global IP Sound is well positioned to lead strong growth in sales and installations of Internet telephony products and services”

Marc Robins
Vice president of publications and trade shows

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