Global IP Solutions offers a complete set of media processing components for real-time communication over IP networks. These components comprise the core of Global IP Solutions’ patented technology and handle the effects of delay, jitter, packet loss, echo and background noise. And because they are tailored to meet today’s VoIP communications needs, the components can be integrated with existing technology to give customers the flexibility they need to develop solutions with the highest quality voice and video.


NetEQ is an advanced jitter buffer and packet loss concealment module that delivers dramatic improvements in sound quality while minimizing latency for IP telephony systems. NetEQ works with any codec on the market and reduces jitter buffer delay by 30-80 ms compared to the best alternative solutions. Datasheet


The unique non-sequential process implemented in NetEQ combines jitter buffer and error concealment in one unit. The unit detects delay variations and makes corrections before play-out and therefore produces a speech signal with highly improved sound quality. The high-resolution adaptive jitter buffer implemented in NetEQ is able to adjust quickly to the incoming jitter and operate very efficiently.


Global IP Solutions offers a full set of audio and video codecs tailored to meet IP communications needs. The audio codec suite includes wideband and narrowband codecs that produce a robust, clear sound, even under heavy packet loss. When this sound clarity is combined with NetEQ™, delay and jitter are managed to produce the highest quality VoIP conversation available. Datasheet


Global IP Solutions’ video codecs are designed and tuned specifically for real-time video communication, and can be packaged with VideoEngine products to provide the highest quality voice and video experience available. The video codec suite includes the H.263, MPEG-4, H.264, Global IP Solutions’ LSVX, Global IP Solutions’ LSVX-S (Scalable Video Codec), and VP7 video codecs.



Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE)

VQE is a module of speech processing component that improves the quality of VoIP conversations by removing echo and background noise, while adjusting speech levels to achieve a consistent and comfortable listening experience. These components are essential for any application developer or hardware manufacturer looking to provide a complete, high quality solution. Datasheet

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