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White Papers

Measuring Voice Quality

In this paper we have presented an overview of the objective and subjective methods available to measure speech quality. No evaluation method is 100 % accurate, but subjective testing is much more likely to provide accurate results as compared. More...

iLBC - Designed For The Future

Device and application manufactures always search for cost-effective ways to meet new requirements and provide features to the market. Several aspects need to be considered when making the decision to either develop the iLBC code in-house or license the iLBC. More...

Challenges for VoIP Deployment in the Enterprise

VoIP is coming of age but it still faces a myriad of issues, especially in the wireless enterprise. Understanding the technical issues of VoIP in wireless environments makes development and deployment a bit less inundating. More...

Sound Quality Evaluation: Acoustic Echo Cancellation

As voice over IP (VoIP) is emerging as a viable alternative to PSTN (public switched telephony networks) the performance of VoIP devices is expected to match that of traditional PSTN equipment. Global IP Sound selected five commercially available hands-free-capable IP. More...

Customer Case Studies

Telekom Malaysia / Green Packet:
Why Telekom Malaysia chose Green Packet and GIPS to provide superior voice quality
Telekom Malaysia chose Green Packet and Global IP Solutions to enhances Voice Quality for "iTalk Buddy" service.


CERNET Koncept:
Koncept Network and Global IP Solutions Work Together to Provide Superior Voice Quality to the China Educational Research Network
Global IP Solutions enhances Voice Quality for CERNET's 23-million users.


Yahoo! Improves Voice Quality and Customer Satisfaction through Integration of VideoEngine
Yahoo! Messenger with Voice leverages Global IP Solutions’ world class voice processing technology to become a market leading VoIP solution.


V2 Tech:
China’s #1 video conferencing provider implements VoiceEngine PC VoIP solution
Fast testing and implementation speeds time to market for new V2 Conference 5 videoconferencing system.


The promise of VoIP lies with the Power of SIP
Global IP Solutions enables TelTel to deliver the next-generation SIP Communication Platform.


Breaking the PC to PC connection and enabling people to people connection - FreePP takes VoIP to the next level
Fast testing and implementation speed time to market for new FreePP services.