The VoiceEngine family consists of comprehensive, packaged solutions that handle all the necessary voice processing tasks for IP networks, providing superior voice quality even under adverse network conditions. VoiceEngine allows application developers, service providers and hardware manufacturers the ability to easily build complex voice processing technology into their solutions, without worrying about the effects of delay, jitter, packet loss, background noise and echo. These products have been optimized for high performance on a number of platforms- from PCs to Mobile devices- allowing customers the flexibility to design almost any application or device around Global IP Solutions’ cutting-edge technology.

  • Highest voice quality over IP networks
  • Field-proven solution with over 800 million deployments
  • Optimizes bandwidth to provide clear, consistent conversation and traffic flow
  • Flexible high-level API for easy integration and accelerated time to market
  • Optimized solution of complex speech processing components

VoiceEngine Products

VoiceEngine PC
Voice processing solution optimized for softphone applications on PC platforms.

VoiceEngine PC SDK
Combines VoiceEngine technology with SIP call handling capabilities. With this high-level SDK, application developers can easily integrate Unified Communications features into their products.

VideoEngine Mobile
Adds cutting-edge VoIP capabilities to mobile applications. Includes advanced echo cancellation technology designed for difficult mobile environments.

VoiceEngine ATA
Enables residential gateways with high-quality VoIP capabilities.

VoiceEngine IP Phone
Delivers suite of voice processing technology to IP Phone manufacturers.

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