Video ConferenceEngine

Video ConferenceEngine is a powerful platform for developers to enable high-quality real-time audio and video conferencing. The platform includes all of the media processing functionalities and features of traditional hardware infrastructure-based video conferencing bridges, while offering a flexible and cost-effective software alternative that is easy to implement and maintain. Based on the award winning technology that has made Global IP Solutions the industry leader in enabling real-time communications, Video ConferenceEngine ensures a superior experience, even under adverse network conditions.

  • Fully integrated plug-n-play solution that saves time and money
  • Ensures lowest possible delay for high-quality real-time communications
  • Unsurpassed robustness against network impairments
  • Flexibility allows developers and service providers to support a wide range of use cases
  • Support for standard and proprietary audio and video codecs means interoperability with a variety of endpoints